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Wonder who we are?

The Plantory is an innovative incubator for nonprofits and small businesses. We connect communities through workspace, meeting space, incubation services, workshops, and networking events.


photo by Mick Jeffries

photo by Mick Jeffries

Mayor Jim Gray and the Knight Foundation share info about a new grant opportunity at The Plantory

Mayor Jim Gray and the Knight Foundation share info about a new grant opportunity at The Plantory

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Sprouts Innovators Club Kickoff party


We’re thrilled to be able to launch our Sprouts Innovators Club next week. These fun workshops build community while allowing our participants to think creatively. Not only that? But you’ll also earn a pin for every activity!

Our first week of Sprouts will be an Introduction to Computer Coding with LexLadies Code. This workshop requires a laptop and headphones, put the pizza and super fun learning environment will be free. Two laptops and headsets will be available for loan. Future classes will vary from the practical “How to Create a Vision Board” to the wildly impractical “Zombie Apocalypse Lock Picking” (although some may argue that being prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse is very practical, indeed). Be sure to like the Sprouts Innovators Club on Facebook to keep up with all the shenanigans.

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Our shared experiences


Sarah Hood at local fiber store, ReBelle, has been weaving this beautiful rug out of t-shirts. We found ourselves inspired! There are so many enriching and important events in the lives of our community – what would it look like if we wove a rug out of our collective experiences? We are asking our members, and people in the greater community, to bring us t-shirts that have some meaning in their lives. It will take 60 or 70 shirts to make this happen. Please drop off your shirts at the Plantory and make your story part of OUR story.

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New Volunteer: Nick Pennington

We are excited to introduce our newest volunteer, Nick Pennington. When he’s not helping us get settled from our move you can find him working at the Weekly Juicery, and finishing his sociology major at Georgetown.


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The Plantory is featured in our local newspaper!

The Plantory ExpandsRead all about us in the Lexington Herald Leader’s Business Monday article.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the article:

“We do have a fun business, and having our office located within the Plantory makes things that much better,” said Kaelyn Query, founder and president of LexEffect. “LexEffect strives to promote the community and local people, so it’s nice to be around like-minded folks who are also trying to improve the community. We are a relatively new, small company so the very reasonable rent, low overhead, and shared expenses couldn’t be a better option for us.”

Query said the Plantory environment encourages collaboration among its tenants.

“We have collaborated with nonprofits that we weren’t aware of before. We met the folks at CirrusMio (which provides cloud-based solutions and services) and are working on a few projects with them. We needed an app developed and met a great guy at the Plantory who does just that.”

Kay Hoffman, chair of the Plantory board and a tenant with her CHES Solutions Group for human services organizations, said that the Plantory’s prospects for encouraging the growth of nonprofits and community-conscious businesses are bright.

“The amount of collaboration we’re able to do with a few people is pretty remarkable,” she said. “If the little bit that we have (at Third Street) is a prediction of what it will be like when we have more and more varied groups, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.”

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Come join our community of 100+ nonprofits!

The Plantory has openings in its new space at The Bread Box! Do you know of any growing nonprofits who might like to join?

Want to know more? Click here: Join us

Benefits include:
access to all Plantory trainings
shared receptionist
utilities included
internet access, wireless printer/scanner/photocopier/fax
security systems and monitoring
cleaning service
free coffee/tea
access to Plantory-managed upper level interns
conference room access
phone service
shared kitchen access
AV equipment use
on-site office bulk supply purchasing
discounted rates for administrative services (accounting, legal, etc.)
fundraising support
consideration for in-house pro bono support
video editing station

And the fun stuff:
plantory bikes available for check-out
commuter shower access conveniently located at a trolley stop located on the Legacy Trail bike route
access to nap room
telephone booths
fit bike and treadmill desk
access to the loft – an intentionally creative space with art supplies, video games, and more

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The Plantory. {The ‘PLANT-uh-ree}

Elvis-9-25-2012aWhat IS The Plantory?
The Plantory is an innovative coworking space that grows good ideas and connects communities. We take care of the administrative needs of our nonprofit tenants so that they can focus on their missions and get more good work done for the community. We also meet a critical need in Lexington’s nonprofit world by intentionally growing our community as an affordable center where cooperation and creativity can flourish through workspace, meeting space, incubation services, workshops, and networking events.

But what do you DO? Although our mission to alleviate nonprofits’ overhead is constant, the steps we take to improve the nonprofit community look different every day. Sometimes, you will find us scheduling a coffee date between two organizations that are working on similar projects and could connect to share resources. Some days, you will find us helping one of our community members write a grant application. Other days we are hosting a workshop series so that directors of small nonprofits (who don’t have a budget for ongoing education) can continue to grow and get better at their jobs. Every day, we also do things like have a receptionist for everyone to share, answer phones, pay utilities, handle conference room scheduling, fundraise for money to subsidize everyone’s rent, etc. Basically, we do a lot of the administrative stuff that nonprofit directors would otherwise have to do. This frees up their time so that they can focus more on their missions.


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